Wednesday, November 5, 2014

VOICE of the CITY live with Julia Autumn Ford airs tonight on CygnusRadio from 7-8PM

Julia Autumn Ford 
live on VOICE of the CITY

 Julia Autumn Ford chose to write a song that saved her life, Don’t Give Up On Me from her EP “Julia Autumn Ford”. On the verge of suicide, and struggling with the weight of depression, she put down the knife and picked up her guitar. It wasn’t a conscious choice to pick up the guitar and write a song. Something in her shifted. “I was crying through the whole process of writing it. Then afterwards I was like, wow! I saw what I did, and realized that it could help me. If I got out of that using music, then I could get through anything,” she explained.

Julia has always loved music. She started writing songs when she was just two years old. “I didn’t really have much of a vocabulary then. So I made up my own words like prepedition. I’ve been writing small parts of songs forever. Don’t Give Up On Me was the first full song I wrote and finished,” she said. Her music is honest, real and from the heart. A fresh young voice with a lyrical soul full of wisdom. To listen to the full interview on VOICE of the CITY with JCherry that aired Tuesday on WESU 88.1FM, tune into CygnusRadio tonight from 7-8PM

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