Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bill Shaka of the SoulShakers live on WESU

J-Cherry interviews Bill Shaka. Down and dirty blues, live music and spinning some classic goodies. Listen to the recorded show here:

"For The Past Quarter Century, Former New Orleanian And Hurricane Katrina Flood Survivor Bill "Swamp" Shaka Has     Been Conjurin' Up His True Blue Fonkified Boogaloo, Serving  It To Appreciative Audiences Around The Globe.....Shaka Will Take You On An Emotionally charged Excursion Deep Into The Heart 'N' Soul Of The Chitlin' Circuit Tradition, Before Droppin' You Smack Dab In The Middle Of   A Simmerin' South Louisiana Roux, Big Easy Style.....
Supported By A Well Seasoned Band Of Groovin' Rooticians!
"SHAKA & THE SOULSHAKERS", Comin' Soon To Your Town For A Gumbo Ya-Ya Throw Down!  "  
 For more information on Bill Shaka and the SoulShakers visit their website here:

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The dancing Basil Ali!

Basil Ali is local artist I met down at, "Anything Goes Open Mic Mondays", at the Buttonwood Tree in Middletown. He impressed me with his moves and creative energy! It gives me great pleasure to bring him to you here. Watch him dance!

"In case you have not figured it out yet. Tron Legacy was probibly my favoret movie last year. This is a song from the movie by Draft Punkcalled The Game Has Changed. It is from the LightCycle Grid Battle seene. This is of me once again lightsaber dancing to it." Basil Ali

Monday, April 11, 2011

J-Cherry guest hosts River Valley Rhythms, live with Laura Siersema

J-Cherry interviews Laura Siersema on River Valley Rhythms. Laura is a singer/songwriter and poet. She has an angelic voice that takes the listener on a journey through streams of poetic consciousness...
Listen to the interview here:

"Only when asked to write lyrics to Jenna Drey's music in 1996 did I realize how much I wanted to write my own songs. Beginning in 1998, I was out on the folk circuit. I opened for John Gorka, Connie Kaldor, Cheryl Wheeler, Dana Cooper, Brooks Williams and Lori McKenna and played at art festivals scattered around the country. My first album, "when I left loss", was released in 1999. The second, "Love Flows Like the Blood of a River", in 2003. Beginning in the summer of 2005, writing over a period of 13 months, followed by 21 months of recording and production, I worked on what would become "Talon of the Blackwater", my third album. Only as we recorded did I really feel like a songwriter and arranger. When I first heard the songs on our working demo, I believed someone else must have written them. My poetry and my voice had become fully a part of my music." Laura Siersema. visit Laura's site here: