Friday, July 22, 2011

WESU VOICE of the CITY! Live with Kristin Zhea, and David G. Smith

Join J-Cherry on WESU's VOICE of the CITY as she interviews Kristin Zhea, a talented singer/songwriter who has just released her first single, "Lighthouse". Followed by an interview with the soulful singer songwriter, David G. Smith who just released his album, Non Fiction. Both artists on different points in their musical journey each share a gift for  poetic songwriting. Listen to the show recorded live at WESU 88.1FM.

"A twinkle in her eyes, petite songstress Kristin Zhea (pron. “zee”) is turning heads as she bounces across the stage. Fusing story-telling country music undertones with upbeat piano-pop balladry, Kristin Zhea's music sticks to the eardrums and inspires listeners with its lyrical honesty ..."

"Some say life is a journey. Smith’s path as a songwriter has been a straight shot; on the other hand, his path as an artist has been a circuitous one. With several cuts to his credit as a songwriter, and after a long hiatus, David G Smith is resuming his life as an artist with his new release “Non-Fiction”."

 Kristin Zhea

Monday, July 11, 2011

Anything Goes Open Mic Monday! TONIGHT!

Tonight it's, Anything Goes Open Mic Monday! The Buttonwood Tree, 605 Main Street Middletown. Our featured artist of the month, AdamAnderson. Adam is a multitalented singer/songwriter/musician! Come and get on the mic, or enjoy the show. Signup is at 7:30, show starts at 8PM. Please arrive early space is limited! All the world is a stage... the MIC IS OPEN!

VOICE of the CITY, WESU 88.1FM: Join J-Cherry as she spins music from her favorite guests!

J-Cherry reaches into WESU'S local music archives and spins some music from her favorite guests. J-Cherry and her partner Tim Sparks play some live music in between. You'll also hear some old bootleg recordings of J-Cherry and the Strawberries. Tune into hear some of the best local music in CT... Tim Sparks, Julie Clark Shubert, Hannah's Field, and Richard Geller

Listen to show recorded live at WESU here: