Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Jen Taylor and Alien Folk Music

Live and local, and so good! 
Jen Taylor and Alien Folk Music

Monday, September 26, 2011

VOICE of the CITY! Live with Lauren Angelli, followed by Cherry Sparks and Sympetalous.

"As a songwriting musician, Lauren Agnelli has explored many styles of American popular music throughout her wide-ranging career, writing and co-writing hundreds of songs, recording dozens of cds. In 2010, Lauren writes and performs with the Small Town Concert Series that she co-founded with her husband, Matthew Male, in 2007. She also performs solo, with co-writer Dave Rave, and with Amalgamated Muck. She’s been part of CBGB’s punk posters out of CBGB’s, Nervus Rex ; a co-founder of Grammy-nominated Washington Squares; an acoustic folkrocker with the half-Canadian Agnelli & Rave with Dave "Rave" DesRoches." Lauren Agnelli Blog 

For more about Lauren visit her officail website: Lauren Agnelli

Cherry Sparks, the heart of J-Cherry and the Strawberries. The talented Mr. Sparks is a musical and lyrical man, and Ms. Cherry is a soulful lyricist and mouth harp player.
Cherry Sparks

Poet Sympetalous, the man of poetic words and verse... 
Sympetalous, photo by Bumpy Chimes
WESU 88.1FM Middletown 

Friday, September 9, 2011

VOICE of the CITY with Two Virgins!

Two Virgins

The Two Virgins rocked WESU 88.1 FM on VOICE of the CITY recorded live with J-Cherry  

CLICK HERE to LISTEN to the show

Two Virgins was recorded at Coffeehouse Recording Studio on the Coffeehouse Records Label.

"Wrann and Mooney began writing songs together twenty years ago after having been involved in several other projects. One of those rare musical connections was formed.“They are the classic song
 writing pair, like Lennon and McCartney,” says Mike Arafeh, owner of  Coffeehouse Records, Coffeehouse Recording Studio on 510 Main St. in Middletown

Arafeh recalls listening to the duo’s songs on his way home from work twenty years ago. Despite the dozens of local artists he was working with at the time, he was taken aback by the quality, and variety of what he heard. He immediately brought Wrann and Mooney into the recording studio, and has produced them under the Coffeehouse label ever since. Since then they have amassed a catalogue three to four hundred songs in depth." ADAM DURSO,  Middletown Press

Two Virgins