Monday, July 23, 2012

Middletown Music Festival, August 12 from 4-9PM at Middlesex Community College

The first annual Middletown Music Festival to be held on Sunday, August 12, from 4-9pm at Middlesex Community College. Presented by J-Cherry Presents, in association with Middlesex Community College, The Buttonwood Tree, and WESU 88.1FM. The show will start with an open mic hosted by J-Cherry. If you’re a local musician, poet, or comedian, and would like to perform in the open mic, arrive early. Limited space is available. This is a rain or shine event. If the sun shines, bring a picnic or delight in delicious food from the Tibetan Kitchen, and enjoy the grove at Middlesex Community College. If it rains, join us in the state of the art multipurpose room in Chapman Hall. Middletown is an eclectic city with a vibrant arts culture. Attracting artists of every type for across the state, and is the perfect location to host some of the finest local artist for an annual music festival.

Mr. Anderson performing at the Buttonwood Tree

This year’s lineup includes, the multi-talented Mr. Anderson, who plays a variety of unique instruments some of which he makes himself. 

Sympetalous performing at the Buttonwood Tree

Sympetalous, a local bard will be reciting his unique blend of jazzy poetry throughout the evening. “Sympetalous? Means my petals are fused sort of like a Morning Glory of Heavenly Blue.” 

Gigglejuice, plays a fusion of rock, reggae, jazz and psychedelic jams. Gigglejuice will have your feet tapping, and your body dancing! 

Two Virgins

The energetic and rocking, Two Virgins, with over four hundred original songs, “Tom & Tom are lifetime songwriters and performers who, under the guise of Two Virgins, present an eclectic blend of Americana, 'Power Folk', R&B, Soul, and Punk Rock music.”

J-Cherry and the Strawberries

J-Cherry and the Strawberries, is a mixture of improvisation, poetry, Americana, folk and roots rock. Here’s what critics have to say about J-Cherry and the Strawberries, “J-Cherry and the Strawberries took to the stage and played to a house that overflowed the music room and spilled out into the library. A local artist with a passion for music, lead singer J-Cherry, a.k.a. Jennifer Shafer Wood, plays her own soulful style of blues, poetry, and funk surrounded by an ethereal musical background.” Middletown Patch.

When you support the local music scene, you support a vital part of the community. Local music brings people together in public places and stimulates interaction and local commerce, on a social and business level. With a hard economy people are not able to afford concert tickets to big name acts these days, or even movie tickets. There’s no need to have to pay a fortune for good music and entertainment when we’re surrounded by it in our communities! That doesn’t mean local music should be free and that is why we request a suggested donation of $10. Live and local… this is great music!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

VOICE of the CITY! Live with writer and director Al Signore, and producer David Gere, with cast and crew members of the new film, 'Sensory Perception', A Pale Nail Production.

When passion, vision, and creativity fuse with determination, amazing things happen in the community! Local film makers Al Signore, and David Gere, talk with J-Cherry about their new film, 'Sensory Perception' to be released later this fall. 'Sensory Perception' was written and produced in Connecticut. Due to a technical glitch, (the host not starting the record button!) only a portion of the show was recorded. We look forward to having, Al and David, with cast and crew of, 'Sensory Perception', back on the air when the film is released, and the host promises to record it all!

VOICE of the CITY airs on WESU 88.1FM Tuesday nights from 6;30 to 8PM.
Live and local... this ain't no commercial radio

Visit 'Sensory Perception', online: CLICK HERE

Kris Keyes, David Gere, Al Signore 

David Gere, and actress Sarah J Cayer

Tommy Dreamer and David Gere

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

VOICE of the CITY! Friday July 27th, from 8-11PM.The Buttonwood Tree, 605 Main Street, Middletown.

On Friday July 27th, at The Buttonwood Tree, downtown Middletown, from 8-11PM, J-Cherry Presents: VOICE of the CITY! Tickets are $10.00. Tune into to WESU 88.1FM for VOICE of the CITY on Tuesdays from 6:30 to 8PM for chance to win free tickets.

VOICE of the CITY, is a variety show from the heart of the community with performers of every style and sound, living, working, and creating in the city of Middletown, and the surrounding area. It’s poetry, dance, song, comedy, and bits of wisdom. Where the community is the theater.

Once a very popular form of entertainment in the United States back in the early part of the 20th century, vaudeville whose origins are obscure is connected to the French term voix de ville. Translated into English means, “voice of the city”. Vaudeville is a variety show featuring the many voices in the city. 

J-Cherry and the Strawberries

VOICE of the CITY airs on WESU 88.1FM Middletown  Tuesdays from 6:30 to 8PM

Monday, July 16, 2012

VOICE of the CITY! Live with Michael 99% Harris and Justin Good, talk with J-Cherry about Sound Shares, a new way of doing money

Money. What is it? Where did it come from, why do we need it? Can we live without it? Money is a means of trade. Since the earliest of human times, people have used money to trade. Before there was a currency, people traded goods or services at the time of trade. As time went on it got harder to lug around your goods, or complete a service at times of transaction, or trading. So people used currency. Coins were the first form of currency for western civilization, gold or silver. Native Americans used rare shells. In our modern time we use fiat money.

The government via the Federal Reserve determines fiat money’s value. We used to have commodity-based money. Commodity money used to be backed by the gold standard. In the 1930's it was illegal to own gold except for jewelry, because more money needed to be used, then was available, and the government made you sell them your gold. Because there wasn't enough gold to make enough dollars, which the government needed. The way the government fixed this problem was to create fiat money. A dollar today is worth, well, a dollar. But WHAT is a dollar really worth today? Honestly, a dollar today is already a dollar in debt! There is nothing to back up a dollar but debt. This is the fiat system of money, a system that allows a few to hoard all the resources in the world.

What if we made a new way to trade? There are people doing just that! Welcome the Community Exchange System. “With the impending implosion of the usury-based, global money system, now is the time to seek a new way of 'doing' money, one not based on debt and controlled by a global monetary elite that seems happy about destroying our planet in the pursuit of profit. Conventional money is created as debt by private financial institutions for their own profit-making purposes, not as a public service. This is the root cause of the economic, social and environmental problems that beset us. The amount of debt determines the quantity of money, which has nothing to do with the amount of money we need to live decent lives. CES money is 'created' by its users so it can never be in short supply. So long as you can offer something of value you can have from the community goods and services of like value. Join the growing community who have discovered a new way of 'doing' money, a healthy money that will create a healthy society.”

VOICE of the CITY 
airs on WESU 88.1 FM Middletown 
Tuesday evening from 6:30 to 8PM 

Monday, July 2, 2012

VOICE of the CITY, live with Dmitri D'Alessandro on 6/12

J-Cherry talks with Dmitri D'Alessandro, artist and owner, Middletown Framing, about Middletown's North End Gallery Walk, happening every third Wednesday through the summer...

"The north end is the art district of Middletown." Dmitri D'Alessandro

Dmitri D'Alessandro, artist and owner, Middletown Framing

Visit Middletown Framing on Line, click here! 

Rusa D'Alessandro, artist and owner, Middletown Framing

VOICE of the CITY airs on WESU 88.1FM
Tuesday evenings from 6:30 to 8 pm

Always playing great local music. Music by Hannah's Field, DaDon,
Tim Sparks, Two Virgins, and J-Cherry.

Live and local... this ain't no commercial radio!