Wednesday, July 18, 2012

VOICE of the CITY! Live with writer and director Al Signore, and producer David Gere, with cast and crew members of the new film, 'Sensory Perception', A Pale Nail Production.

When passion, vision, and creativity fuse with determination, amazing things happen in the community! Local film makers Al Signore, and David Gere, talk with J-Cherry about their new film, 'Sensory Perception' to be released later this fall. 'Sensory Perception' was written and produced in Connecticut. Due to a technical glitch, (the host not starting the record button!) only a portion of the show was recorded. We look forward to having, Al and David, with cast and crew of, 'Sensory Perception', back on the air when the film is released, and the host promises to record it all!

VOICE of the CITY airs on WESU 88.1FM Tuesday nights from 6;30 to 8PM.
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Visit 'Sensory Perception', online: CLICK HERE

Kris Keyes, David Gere, Al Signore 

David Gere, and actress Sarah J Cayer

Tommy Dreamer and David Gere

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