Tuesday, August 21, 2012

VOICE of the CITY! Live with LUCK-E 13, and the colorful Dr. Freddy H. Carroll

VOICE of the CITY broadcasting live on WESU 88.1FM
Tuesdays from 6:30 to 8PM

Dr. Freddy H. Carroll interviews J-Cherry about her voting experience on Primary Day, and being on the Collin McEnroe Show. LUCK-E 13 gets down in the studio with soulful original music. The fantastic Mr. Sparks keeps the show moving.

 Live and local... This ain't no commercial radio! 

Dr. Freddy H. Carroll

To listen to the show recorded LIVE click HERE! 


LUCK-E 13 with Mr. Sparks
LUCK-E  13 upright bass

Erica Lynn Hulme,

VOICE of the CITY! Live with local filmmaker, Marty Lang

J-Cherry interviews local filmmaker Marty Lang about his new film, "Rising Star', which opened in July at the Connecticut Science Center to a sold out show! Also on the show, Dr. Freddy H. Carroll with the Middletown Street Report. CherrySparks playing live, and spinning Two Virgins, and gigglejucie too.

Marty Lang, Filmmaker

VOICE of the CITY airing on WESU 88.1FM
 Tuesdays from 6:30 to 8PM
Live and local... this ain't no commercial radio! 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

VOICE of the CITY live with David G. Smith, and The Street Report with Dr. Freddy H. Carroll

I met David at, Anything Goes Open Mic, at the Buttonwood Tree, last year. David was stopping by on his way to the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival. I am so glad he did!  He stopped by again this year and we had a great time on the air, and at open mic! David's music is full of life, revealing truth with soul. He is a poetic songwriter that get's down and dirty with a roots rock flavor.  To listen to the podcast click here. 

David G. Smith

"I am a singer/songwriter specializing in Acoustic, Folk + Americana music. I dig for bits of truth, mold them into no BS lyrics, and deliver them with a voice and music that ranges from dirt funk to intimate." David G. Smith  heydavemusic.com

Mr. Sparks and Mrs. Smith

Get the lowdown downtown with Dr. Freddy H. Carroll


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Two Virgins

Live this Sunday August 12 @The Middletown Music Festival! 
 Middlesex Community College, 100 Training Hill Rd, Middletown, CT
Live and local... this is great music! 
festival runs from 4-9pm 

Two Virgins is no ordinary original pop group. Bandleaders Tom Wrann and Tom Mooney are lifetime music men, now in their fifties, who have together written in their career around five hundred songs. They have performed in many, many rock, punk, folk, Americana and gospel groups over the years, both in NYC and CT, gracing the stages of such legendary venues as CBGBs during its heyday, as well as The Apollo Theatre. Bassist Jim Wrann, Tom’s brother, is also a lifetime musician, having a huge songbook of his original compositions as well. Lead guitarist Michael Arafeh (aka Bumpy Chimes), is also a lifetime musician, as well as a well-known record producer with hundreds of credits to his name. Michael also owns of one of CT’s premiere recording studios - The Coffeehouse, in Middletown. Acoustic guitarist and keyboardist Tom Phelps is also a life-long musician, another gifted songwriter with an impressive songbook, and is also the band “heart-throb”. Although these five musicians have recorded and collaborated together in various projects many times before, Two Virgin’s sixteen-song debut self-titled album, released last year on the Coffeehouse Records imprint, is a significant accomplishment for the group. The group has begun a raw and electrified live performance phase to support the album - with a collection of forty or so original songs both from the album as well as from the catalog which they will be touring on. Don’t miss them!

Meet the Strawberries! Middletown Music Festival! Sunday August 12, from 4-9 PM. Middlesex Community College, 100 Training Hill Road, Middletown, CT.

The Strawberries are a band of multi-talented musicians and poets that formed three years ago. Inspired by a night of music under the full moon during a summertime festival, J-Cherry and the Strawberries came to be. What's unique about the Strawberries,  is that they are a traveling variety show. They come together as a band with J-Cherry and play original songs written by Cherry and Sparks. The Strawberries also bring their own songs and poetry to the group,  making an eclectic arrangement of music and poetry. 

Tim Sparks, Bandmaster/singer/songwriter/guitar/mouth harp. Mr. Sparks brought his first guitar with money he saved as a young teen. He's been writing and playing music ever since. A multi-talented artist, Sparks writes music from the heart that touches social issues, and the cycles of life. His latest CD. 'Color Outside The Lines', was recorded at Coffeehouse Recording Studio.

Tim Sparks

Tim Sparks live at, VOICE of the CITY, Spring 2010, The Buttonwood Tree.

"Sparks began his set by testing out a yet-to-be-recorded tune, then moved into the songs from "Color Outside The Lines," an album he describes as a reflection on the journey of life.  With soul-searching music that paid homage to his daughter ("Avery") and the roots of our country, Sparks' interesting and heartfelt folksy stories and strong and steady guitar work captivated the house." David Gellar, Middletown Patch

Steve Far

Steve Far, singer/songwriter/bass. Ordained with a semi-hollow body Guild guitar twice as old as himself, Steve mixes everything from jazz to garage rock, but uses changes in time and rhythm to separate himself from any one specific genre. Under this guise, Steve explores his own journey through time with a conversational lyrical style. To listen to Steve's music click here

Phill Bullaro

the elusive cyberman...

Phill Bullaro, drummer/synth/eclectic instruments. Phill is a multi-talented visual artist and musician. He likes to explore the far out regions of sculpture, visual arts, and music. A skilled drummer, music maker, and poet. Phill will take you on wild space jams, and have you land outside the moon. 

Space Monster! 
Phill on upright bass, and Michael Arafeh on electric guitar

Sympetalous, the bard... 

A mild mannered reporter for The Subterranean Homesick News
hears the Call o' Fate and suddenly awakes some velvet morning
when he's straight then starts to sway and write this way
for no apparent planetary reason save the subtle motion
of a Deep Blue Moon and the Red Dwarf Stars

Illusory Time comes and goes all the while our Whirling Earth
performs One full ellipsis around our Sacred Sun and soon
bright pulsing words from the Pipes of Pan arise and soar
as they hang a bit about a pointed space filled with heat
and light and pairs of eager ears open wide to vivid minds
some even willin to shoot the rapids and then float
the calms of this Stream o' Con Ki-O-tay

Rich Hatfield
Guitar man extraordinaire  

J-Cherry and the Strawberries