Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tonight on VOICE of the CITY, airing on WESU 88.1FM Tuesdays from 8-9PM, live with Julia Autumn Ford

Julia Autumn Ford - Don't Give Up On Me [Live @ The Desultory Theatre]

Music has the power to heal, to touch, and to transform…

Photo by lsg original photography 

"I was 16, sitting in my room feeling entirely defeated and overwhelmed. The battle I was fighting with depression was at an extreme and I was sick of constantly letting not only everyone around me down, but also myself. In my mind there was no reason to live if I was contributing nothing but negativity; so I planned on ending my life. At the last second I put down the knife, picked up my guitar and wrote my first full song, "Don't Give Up on Me". I realized that I could say things I had trouble expressing through music, so music became my way of coping and ultimately healing. Your passion is your purpose, and I found my love for music is my passion when it became what I chose to live for."

~ Julia Autumn Ford

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