Wednesday, August 26, 2015

JCherry Presents

 Mission Statement

Our mission at JCherry Presents is to feature creative people in the community on the airways at WESU 88.1FM. We also produce seasonal concerts, and regular open microphones throughout the State of Connecticut. Our radio show is the heart of our mission and provides a valuable space for the emerging artist to share their work on the public airways. Our theme is local and creative. 

We provide a means for first time artists to perform, and an outlet for seasoned artists as well. We strengthen the artists’ relationship with the community by sustaining a platform where the artist and the public can connect. With our focus on the local arts scene,we give the community a chance to be heard, while educating the public about cultural and artistic happenings in their communities. 

VOICE of the CITY, WESU 88.1FM
since 2009, airing on WESU 88.1FM Middletown, Tuesday evenings from 8-9PM, is a showcase of the many talented and creative people here in Middlesex County and Connecticut at large. VOICE of the CITY originates from the concept of Vaudeville.  Vaudeville has an interesting history. At its core, vaudeville is a variety show from the many people in a city. The word Vaudeville comes from the French word, Voix de Ville and in English translates to voice of the city. We bring vaudeville, the voice of the city, to the airways at WESU 88.1FM.

Anything Goes Open Mic, 
since 2009, open mic aka microphone, is a bridge to the stage for aspiring artists, and place to hone in your skills and practice before a live audience for the seasoned artist.  Open mic is a fabulous modern vaudeville show. At Open Mic you will find people of all ages. JCherry Presents produces open mics in Third Spaces throughout Connecticut. A Third Space is a place outside of the home and work, where people like to gather. A Third Space can be a coffeeshop, a community center, or an art center like The Buttonwood Tree, where Anything Goes is produced monthly since 2009. A third space is simply a public place where people can gather. At Anything Goes Open Mic, all voices without censorship can be heard.

The Annual Middletown Music Festival 
since 2012, each summer we bring local musicians, artists, poets, dancers, and more, to the Annual Middletown Music festival. Held at Middlesex Community College the 2nd weekend of August. We started with one small stage, four bands, a poet, and a dancer on a Sunday afternoon. We have grown into a two day festival with two stages, over eighteen bands, three emcees, more poets, dancers, and a local vendor village where people can shop local. 

Thursday, August 6, 2015

The 4th Annual Middletown Music Festival Schedule


The 4th Annual Middletown Music Festival Schedule 

Cedar Grove Stage: 

Drum Circle 1:00 - 1:30

Jennifer Hill (peace belt)
1:50 - 2:30

Joey Batts & Them 
3:05 - 3:45

JCherry & the Strawberries/  
4:20- 5:00   (JCherry/peace belt)

5:35 - 6:15   (Kevin Day/peace belt)

Someone You Can Xray     (Dana Newman/peace belt)
6:50 - 7:30

SuperTrance   (peace belt) 
8:05 - 8:45

9:20 - 10:30

Saturday Acoustic Stage

Emcee FreeStyle

1:30 - 1:50

Robert C. Fullerton 
2:35 - 3:05

Julia Autumn Ford &Tracy Walton
aka Belle of the Fall
6:15 - 6:45

Erica Lynn
7:30 - 8:00

EMCEEE FreeStyle


The 4th Annual Middletown Music Festival 
Cedar Grove Stage 

12:00 - 12:40

Terry Rand Band 
1:15 - 1:55

2:30 - 3:10 

HannaH's Field (Hannah/peace belt)
3:45 - 4:25

Balkun Brothers (Nick Balkun/peace belt)
5:00 - 5:40

Michael Cleary Band (Michael Cleary/peace belt)
6:15 - 7:00

Sunday Acoustic Stage

Joe Paresi
12:40 - 1:10

2:00 - 2:25

Rust'd Keys 
3:10 - 3:40  (Diane Koz/peace belt)

Amber Cello
4:30 - 4:40

Basil Ali 
4:45- 4:55

5:40 - 6:10

SuperTrance LIVE @ The 4th Annual Middletown Music Festival

Catch them on Saturday night 
on The Cedar Grove Stage
 August 8-9 
@ Middlesex Community College!!
100 Training Hill Road, 
Middletown, CT


Seat Of Our Pants - Up To The Mountain (Cover)Seat Of Our Pants - Up To The Mountain (Cover) Catch Them on Sunday @ The 4th Annual Middletown Music Festival THIS WEEKEND!! August 8-9 @ Middlesex Community College

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Joe Paresi LIVE @ The Middletown Music Festival

Saturday and Sunday, August 8-9
@ Middlesex Community College
100 Training Hill Road 
Middletown, CT 

Catch Joe on Sunday on The Acoustic Stage @ 12:40

Joe Paresi LIVE on VOICE of the CITY
Tuesday nights from 8-9PM  

The Terry Rand Band LIVE at The 4th Annual Middletown Music Festival

Saturday and Sunday August 8-9
Catch them on Sunday on The Cedar Grove Stage 
Middlesex Community College 100 Training Hill Road

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Julia Autumn Ford and Tracy Walton

aka Belle of the Fall... because two are better than one... 

The Middletown Music Festival
August 8-9
@ Middlesex Community College 
100 Training Hill Road

Catch them Saturday on The Acoustic Stage after 6PM

Julia Autumn Ford - Don't Give Up On Me

Monday, August 3, 2015

Jennifer Hill LIVE at The Middletown Music Festival, August 8-9 @ Middlesex Community College

This LADY ROCKS! Catch Jennifer Hill Saturday @ 2PM on The Cedar Grove Stage

Let's Welcome C.C. Arshagra to the Middletown Music Festival Emcee Crew!

The 4th Annual Middletown Music Festival, August 8-9 @ Middlesex Community College

C.C. Arshagra 

  • Poet of the Year, Boston/Cambridge Poetry Awards (Voted top 3 in State of MA Open Mike Ballot System)-nomination 2001
  • Best Poetry Publication, Boston/Cambridge Poetry Awards 2001  “What Manner of Character” Book 3 of “The Open Mike Poems’ chapbook series
  • Marcel Kopp Award, Boston Poetry Awards 2000 (A one of a kind award) Created and presented to C.C. Arshagra by famed satirist Jimmy Tingle for “Poet Who Participates Most in the Open Mikes” 
  • Producer’s Award, Cambridge Community TV, 1998-00 
  • Skilled poet/jazz collaborator:
    • With’ Zen Bastards’ Approx. 2001-03
    • With ‘ Ken Field’s Jazz Jam Ensemble” 2000-05
    • A 3 time “Featured Poet” with Jeff Robinson Trio’s Poetry Jazz Jam - Approx. 1999-2004
  • Recording artist:
    • With recording artist Kemp Harris, “Freedom of Speech” Little Dog Records, MA
    • With recording artists Brian Haley, Keiffer Infantino, Dennis Sullivan, “The Jew Christian Muslim Song”, Plan 9, MA - Band: “C.C. Arshagra and the Say”
    • With Recording Artists Alvin B. Carter Jr., Orice Jenkins, Mel Hsu, Monique Jarvis, “With You”, Riverway Studio, CT Ira Sakolsky, Grammy nominated composer/arranger
  • Director/producer: local access TV shows: 
    • “XY Eli Dance Party”, HCT, Hartford CT Early 1980s
    • “The Worlds On”, SCAT, Somerville, MA Late 1980s
    • “Stone Soup Poet”, CCTV, Cambridge, MA 1998-00
  • Radio show producer, “The Divide & Conquer News Report” 20014-15 Season 1
  • Radio show producer/host/spoken mind poet, “The I Do Not Know Show” 2012 – (Current)
    • WESU 88.1 FM Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT
  • Author:
    • Poems 1996 and Emotional Geography 1996
    • 3 part “The Open Mike Poems” chapbook series: 1. Scared Sacred, 2.  Death of an Ego, 3. What Manner of Character
    • 4 CD experiment set of Spoken Mind Poetry “The ID (Inkless Dialogue) Poems” Vol. 1
  • Producer/founder: TheHumanRoom & TheOpenVoice
    • a two tiered organic arts, free speech, and activist venue concept
  • Founder: CulturalCommunicationArts
  • Veteran Open Mike featured poet, reader, performer; and collaborator
  • Publisher: press22publishing
  • Professional lyric writer
  • Appeared in a documentary ”Who Owns Jack Kerouac” by Jack Shea 
  • Trained Contact Improvisation (CI) movement artist
  • Owner/designer/decorator: South Main Upholstering Co., New Britain CT (Pre-Artist life)
  • New Britain, CT native, and returned current resident after traversing the world in search of art

HannaH's Field LIVE at The 4th Annual Middletown Music Festival August 8-9 @ Middlesex Community College!!

"I love this song and the story it tells. Take your time to be still, to be the natural you. I am proud to be a part of this video!" J Cherry

Catch HannaH's Field at the 4th Annual Middletown Music Festival this weekend Saturday and Sunday @ Middlesex Community College. You can see HannaH's Field on Sunday @ 3:45 on the Cedar Grove Stage. TWO stages. TWO days!! LIVE and LOCAL... this is GREAT music!!