Thursday, August 25, 2011

J-Cherry and the Strawberries, Jen Taylor and Alien Folk Music, Special guest Adam Anderson... Friday night August 26th, at 8PM. The Buttonwood Tree, 605 Main Street, Middletown!

Join J-Cherry and the Strawberries for a soulful blend of poetry, blues and roots music; with Jen Taylor and Alien Folk Music, for a unique blend of gypsy hip-hop kirtan. With special guests, Adam Anderson opening the show. It will be a inspiring night of original music straight from the heart… From two unique bands like no other!


Adam Anderson

Adam Anderson is a multi-talented musician. A native of Connecticut, he started playing music as a child. Tune into hear Adam on WESU 88.1FM, VOICE of the CITY,


J-Cherry, Tim Sparks, Rich Hatfield, photography by Bumpy Chimes
“Energy engulfed The Buttonwood Tree Saturday night when opening act J-Cherry and the Strawberries took to the stage and played to a house that overflowed the music room and spilled out into the library. A local artist with a passion for music, lead singer J-Cherry,  a.k.a. Jennifer Shafer Wood, plays her own soulful style of blues, poetry, and funk surrounded by an ethereal musical background.” David Geller

Listen to J-Cherry and the Strawberries recorded live at WESU 88.1FM on VOICE of the CITY

J-Cherry and the Strawberries, photography by Bumpy chimes

J-Cherry and her ethereal band of Strawberries will take you on a heartfelt journey through music and poetry. As a group this band interweaves music and poetry into a cornucopia of life’s experiences. The Strawberries will also entertain you with original music and poetry as each one is spotlighted and backed up by the rest of the band. It’s a Cherry in a wild patch of Strawberries!

J-Cherry and the Strawberries at VOICE of the CITY, Buttonwood Tree

Alien Folk Music

Alien Folk Music is singer/songwriter Jen Taylor's eclectic mix of heartbreaking to hilarious originals, her songs morph from questions on when the aliens might be coming to get her to musings on the ugly/beauty of a garden in autumn. Taylor plays a mean ukulele, Justin Good accompanies on gypsy-jazz guitar, Hans Lohse plays accordion and percussion, and Chris Brown is arguably the best-looking stand-up bass player on the radio. Their sound is unique and unforgettable.

And did we mention Taylor hula hoops and plays guitar over her head?

Jen Taylor

Listen to Alien Folk Music recorded live at WESU 88.1FM on VOICE of the CITY, 

Jen Taylor at VOICE of the CITY, Buttonwood Tree

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

WESU 88.1FM, VOICE of the CITY, live with Skully Skullbones

Skully Skullbones

Skully Skullbones is a singer/songwriter.  He purchased his first guitar as a teenager with a passion to play. Inspired by Jimmy Page to learn the 12 string guitar, he is now an accomplished artist... a master of the 12 string. His songs are dramatic poetry. Energized and fused with lyrical truths about the ups and downs of life, "You need to show up every day and do what you do, because there's only one you," Skully Skullbones.

Skully Skullbones and Tim Sparks

Listen to the show recorded live at WESU 88.1FM, Middletown:

WESU 88.1FM Transmitter

To hear more of Skully Skullbones music visit his site at reverbnation

Skully Skullbones

Monday, August 15, 2011

VOICE of the CITY! Live with Joshua Paul singer/songwriter, Kenneth Lundquist Jr

J-Cherry interviews the talented Joshua Paul, singer-songwriter, followed by an interview Kenneth Lundquist Jr about the Connecticut Ferry and its scheduled closure, productions at the Essex Steam Train, and his up and coming album.  Follow the link to hear the show recorded live at WESU 88.1FM, Middletown:

Joshua Paul has been playing acoustic guitar and singing since age 14. Now 23 and newly transplanted to Middletown, CT he is exploring music like never before with his new project The Haymarket Affair.Joshua will be playing at 70 Main Street Coffee House in East Hampton on August 27th at 8PM.

 "Kenneth Lundquist, Jr. is a destinal Renaissance man of impeccability. His creation, manifestation, venture, exhibition, lecture, direction, participation, and philosophy has contributed to the new era of cultural actuality."
For more about Kenneth follow the link

Monday, August 8, 2011

VOICE of the CITY on WESU 88.1FM, Special guest Poet C.C. Arshagra, Professor John Shafer of MXCC

Last week on VOICE of the CITY, Broad Street Books Poet of the Month, C.C. Arshagra, and Professor John Shafer of Middlesex Community College talking with J-Cherry about the Connecticut Ballet and other arts and cultural events at MXCC. J-Cherry and the Strawberries live in the house with Tim Sparks and his original music, poet Sympetlous with his words.... J-Cherry sings and recites original music and poetry

It's live and local arts and culture! Listen to the recorded show online here:

Poet C.C. Arshagra

"The beginning of every high point in my life is the most wonderful ending that the coming of tomorrow could bring." The Fool I Am --C.C. Arshagra. 
To hear some of C.C. Arshagra's work visit the link:


Monday, August 1, 2011

J-Cherry and the Strawberries Live on WESU 88.1FM with Special Guest Cocomo Rock

J-Cherry interviews the fabulous Cocomo Rock of 191914 Ministries, and Writers Out Loud. Followed by a live Strawberry Jam... Listen to the show recorded on WESU 88.1FM.

J-Cherry has some technical difficulties while getting Cocomo on the phone coupler, and the Strawberries improvise to make the Cocomo Song! Live radio in real time! All natural...

Cocomo Rock photo from Middletown Press

To find out more about Cocomo Rock, 191914 Ministries, and Writers Out Loud Visit: