Thursday, August 16, 2012

VOICE of the CITY live with David G. Smith, and The Street Report with Dr. Freddy H. Carroll

I met David at, Anything Goes Open Mic, at the Buttonwood Tree, last year. David was stopping by on his way to the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival. I am so glad he did!  He stopped by again this year and we had a great time on the air, and at open mic! David's music is full of life, revealing truth with soul. He is a poetic songwriter that get's down and dirty with a roots rock flavor.  To listen to the podcast click here. 

David G. Smith

"I am a singer/songwriter specializing in Acoustic, Folk + Americana music. I dig for bits of truth, mold them into no BS lyrics, and deliver them with a voice and music that ranges from dirt funk to intimate." David G. Smith

Mr. Sparks and Mrs. Smith

Get the lowdown downtown with Dr. Freddy H. Carroll

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