Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Two Virgins

Live this Sunday August 12 @The Middletown Music Festival! 
 Middlesex Community College, 100 Training Hill Rd, Middletown, CT
Live and local... this is great music! 
festival runs from 4-9pm 

Two Virgins is no ordinary original pop group. Bandleaders Tom Wrann and Tom Mooney are lifetime music men, now in their fifties, who have together written in their career around five hundred songs. They have performed in many, many rock, punk, folk, Americana and gospel groups over the years, both in NYC and CT, gracing the stages of such legendary venues as CBGBs during its heyday, as well as The Apollo Theatre. Bassist Jim Wrann, Tom’s brother, is also a lifetime musician, having a huge songbook of his original compositions as well. Lead guitarist Michael Arafeh (aka Bumpy Chimes), is also a lifetime musician, as well as a well-known record producer with hundreds of credits to his name. Michael also owns of one of CT’s premiere recording studios - The Coffeehouse, in Middletown. Acoustic guitarist and keyboardist Tom Phelps is also a life-long musician, another gifted songwriter with an impressive songbook, and is also the band “heart-throb”. Although these five musicians have recorded and collaborated together in various projects many times before, Two Virgin’s sixteen-song debut self-titled album, released last year on the Coffeehouse Records imprint, is a significant accomplishment for the group. The group has begun a raw and electrified live performance phase to support the album - with a collection of forty or so original songs both from the album as well as from the catalog which they will be touring on. Don’t miss them!

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  1. i wish i had Bumpy Chimes!! love Two Virgins, go Middletown Music Fest!!