Monday, April 11, 2011

J-Cherry guest hosts River Valley Rhythms, live with Laura Siersema

J-Cherry interviews Laura Siersema on River Valley Rhythms. Laura is a singer/songwriter and poet. She has an angelic voice that takes the listener on a journey through streams of poetic consciousness...
Listen to the interview here:

"Only when asked to write lyrics to Jenna Drey's music in 1996 did I realize how much I wanted to write my own songs. Beginning in 1998, I was out on the folk circuit. I opened for John Gorka, Connie Kaldor, Cheryl Wheeler, Dana Cooper, Brooks Williams and Lori McKenna and played at art festivals scattered around the country. My first album, "when I left loss", was released in 1999. The second, "Love Flows Like the Blood of a River", in 2003. Beginning in the summer of 2005, writing over a period of 13 months, followed by 21 months of recording and production, I worked on what would become "Talon of the Blackwater", my third album. Only as we recorded did I really feel like a songwriter and arranger. When I first heard the songs on our working demo, I believed someone else must have written them. My poetry and my voice had become fully a part of my music." Laura Siersema. visit Laura's site here:

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