Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bill Shaka of the SoulShakers live on WESU

J-Cherry interviews Bill Shaka. Down and dirty blues, live music and spinning some classic goodies. Listen to the recorded show here:

"For The Past Quarter Century, Former New Orleanian And Hurricane Katrina Flood Survivor Bill "Swamp" Shaka Has     Been Conjurin' Up His True Blue Fonkified Boogaloo, Serving  It To Appreciative Audiences Around The Globe.....Shaka Will Take You On An Emotionally charged Excursion Deep Into The Heart 'N' Soul Of The Chitlin' Circuit Tradition, Before Droppin' You Smack Dab In The Middle Of   A Simmerin' South Louisiana Roux, Big Easy Style.....
Supported By A Well Seasoned Band Of Groovin' Rooticians!
"SHAKA & THE SOULSHAKERS", Comin' Soon To Your Town For A Gumbo Ya-Ya Throw Down!  "  
 For more information on Bill Shaka and the SoulShakers visit their website here:

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  1. Yeah, SHAKA and the SOUL SHAKERS at TWO BOOTS in Bridgeport ... MARDI GRAS 2012!!!