Wednesday, June 3, 2015

JCherry & the Strawberries sprinkled with gigglejucie and friends at Thank The Lake Day! Photography by Janna-Marie Peruta

We are thrilled to have Janna at the 4th Annual Middletown Music Festival this year!! Her work is stunning!! 
The 4th Annual Middletown Music Festival, August 8th & 9th!!
Middlesex Community College Cedar Grove
100 Training Hill Road Middletown, CT 06457
Rain or Shine!

Janna-Marie Peruta is a resident of Middletown, Connecticut. She was born in Meriden, Connecticut in September 1985, during storm Gloria. She resided in Meriden, Ct until she was 25 years old. She has always been a part of the art community, in many different forms. She was part of the Wesleyan University CCY program when she was 16 years old, studying poetry and non-fiction writing. She was a general studies major at Middlesex Community College before leaving to start a full time position as well as starting a family. Through out the years she has maintained a fascination for all things creative. She loves to paint and has been affiliated with art shows in her community. She is currently working on a collection of watercolor paintings for her solo show, due to happen sometime this coming winter. Her flare for photography has been a constant since she was a very little girl. She loved to take pictures and tote her camera around with her wherever she went. As Janna became an adult, the fascination with photography only intensified, thus, The art of JMPeruta was born. Janna wanted a company that would incorporate all of her art and did not want to be tied down to any specific art. The Art of JMPeruta focuses mainly on various mediums of painting, photography and tarot reading. Janna has been reading cards since she was 11 years old and has been reading them professionally since 2012. When doing readings, she likes to concentrate on the subjects life path, whether or not they are on the right one, how to get there if they are not and how to stay on it if they are. She aims to use her ability to read to help others find their own divine purpose in life and how to be the best version of themselves. She lives with her loving husband and two children. She has been married since 2007. Aside from artistic adventures, Janna likes to spend her time with her family, hiking and cooking. If you would like to keep up to date with Janna's progression please "like" her facebook page at or you can follow her blog at she also maintains an instagram account as GYPSYHIKER

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