Thursday, May 28, 2015


VOICE of the CITY 
Airing Tuesdays from 8-9PM

Six years ago this month, I signed on to be a staff member at WESU 88.1FM Middletown. I am so thankful for free form radio and the ability to produce a local arts show where the only rules I have to follow are from the FCC! We feature artists from every walk of life, playing every genre of music. We not only feature artists, but people in the community doing unique things.

You can help do that with a donation
Our motto on VOICE of the CITY, is LIVE and LOCAL... this ain't no commercial radio! 20 years ago I won a competition to be a radio intern personality on a commercial radio station. After a year of  interning for a commercial station I decided that commercial radio was not for me! Too many rules on what you can play, say, and produce. I thought my radio days were over until I came across WESU while writing for the Middletown Press. The rest is history!

For a $35 donation you can get this cool T-Shirt like Mr. Sparks! 

Today I making a personal plea to our guests, and our listeners. Please help support this open-free- form-non-commercial, nonprofit radio station, meet its pledge goal!! We are only $6,000 shy. I know times are tight, believe me! As an artist myself, I allocate funds for artistic investments like WESU. Where else are you going to get your music to be featured? EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS! Even 5 bucks helps. So what are you waiting for? GIVE TODAY (o: WESU DONATE NOW!

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