Tuesday, December 9, 2014

VOICE of the CITY to raise $500 for WESU's Winter Pledge Drive

It’s been almost six years since I joined WESU 88.1FM and began producing VOICE of the CITY airing Tuesday nights from 8-9PM. In those six years we at VOICE of the CITY, have produced over two hundred shows featuring hundreds of locally produced songs, live musicians, poets, artists, philosophers, writers, and free thinkers of every ilk. We feature local music and the local voice of the community. We have learned, grown, and we have been inspired! It brings us great joy to play local music, and feature local artists, as well as giving voice to the people silenced by nosy commercial radio. Our motto is, “Live and local… this ain’t no commercial radio!” 

As a nonprofit organization WESU 88.1FM provides a vital service to each and every one of us. JCherry Presents has pledged to raise $500 to help WESU reach their goal of $20,000 for this year’s pledge drive. WE NEED YOUR HELP TO DO IT! To put it bluntly, if every one of you reading this plea gave just $10, you would help us get there!  One thing I appreciate about this eclectic station is the diversity of programing, from Democracy Now to the Bauer Hour, Reasonably Catholic,  Conversations on Healthcare, Acoustic Blender, Wonderland, Homegrown, The Divide And Conquer News Report, and The Jive at Five, just to name a few shows! 

Here’s how you can help today. Hit the link to wesufm.orgWESU 88.1FM and hit donate now. Be sure to tell the station JCherry sent you so we can reach our goal of $500 from VOICE of the CITY listeners and featured guests! 

Please enjoy this little photomontage of our colorful guests throughout the years at WESU 88.1FM. Thank you for supporting local community radio! 

Live and local… this ain’t no commercial radio! 

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