Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Radiant Yoga is back at The 3rd Annual Middletown Music Festival!

 Last year at The 2nd Annual Middletown Music Festival, fun was had with yoga and music!

Radiant Yoga!! 

Erin McGuire is an experienced yoga teacher. Her expertise and eloquent instruction make yoga accessible to everyone! Erin takes yoga out of the classroom and brings yoga into the community. She combines yoga with live music in her classes, as well as teaching yoga classes on the beautiful trails of CT. For more information visit her online: Radiant Yoga 

"I've been sharing yoga as Radiant Yoga in CT for 9 years. Yoga is connection to everyone and everything. To truly live that connection we practice yoga off of our mats. We practice breathing deeply when we're anxious, we stand tall even when we're having a hard time and we move freely when there is music in the air. You don't have to be in a yoga class. That's how we practice remembering our own radiance in every moment of life. Then we look around and realize that everything and everyone else is just as Radiant. That is the main teaching of Radiant Yoga." Erin McGuire

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