Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Three bands at the 3rd Annual Middletown Music Festival with new albums!

The Coffeehouse Recording Studio

Two bands performing at the 3rd Annual Middletown Music festival have just released new albums produced and recorded by Michael Arafeh of the Coffeehouse Recording Studio. J-Cherry & The Strawberries with "In The Belly Of The Beast", and Ebin-Rose Trio, with "Bare Wires", and "Ebin-Rose Trio Live From The Buttonwood Tree".  Local east of the river band, gigglejuice has also released a new album, “Crashing Comets”, produced by Kevin Day at Ex-Governor's Records, and mastered at the Coffeehouse with Arafeh. The Coffeehouse is a full service-recording studio and has been producing, recording, mixing, and mastering local and national music for over 25 years! Not only is Michael Arafeh a producer and sound engineer, he is a muti-talented musician. You can hear his organ and percussion work on “In The Belly Of The Beast”, he goes by the moniker Bumpy Chimes when he adds his musical skills to records he produces. Find out more information by visiting him online at The Coffeehouse.

"Lies" by J-Cherry & The Strawberries, produced and recorded by Michael Arafeh


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