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Every Song Has A Story… This is the story of "Lies".

"Lies" was recorded before a live audience at The Coffeehouse Recording Studio with Michael Arafeh, and will be available on our new album,"In The Belly Of The Beast" to be released Spring 2014. Please visit our kickstarter page and make a pledge to help us get the album printed... Every dollar counts! By donating you help us bring our album into the world and we will repay you with a copy of the record. Enjoy the video and it's story below. Thank you for supporting local music!

Much Love,
J-Cherry and the Strawberries

Every song has a story… this is the story of "Lies".

“Lies”, by Edmund James Wood and Kira Whitewood. My father passed away in the spring of 2001, in a little house in Veryrier Switzerland, situated on the left side of the church known by locals as the, “Court In Miracles”.  We had lost touch for many years, my father and I, and we had only reconnected in the spring of 1999. Before his death I had the great fortune of reconnecting with him, and establishing a new relationship. I also had the great fortune of connecting with my sister who I had only met once when I was 11 years old, and she was a baby. I found both my sister and my father with the Internet. First I found her, and together we found him. In the spring of 1999, my sister Elissa and I embarked on a journey that would profoundly change my life. This is my favorite photo of my sister and my father on our trip to Geneva, Switzerland, April 1999.

My father and I talked often by phone. Then one bright sunny day while I was in my garden, away from all the cares in the world, the phone rang… My father passed away. He was only 50 years old. With a new baby I wasn’t able to take the trip to Switzerland. I vowed I would get back there someday. That day came six years later in May of 2007. With my good friend Darcy, we took a journey overseas. And what a journey it was! I got my first tattoo, and we were robbed! Our hotel safe was stolen out of our room on our last night in Amsterdam while we were out having dinner! Everything was taken! Except for my grandmother’s engagement ring, the most precious piece of jewelry I have, given to me by my grandfather when I was 16.  I felt like angels were watching out for us… I still held my father’s mother’s engagement ring. Frazzled yet unharmed, tickets in hand, I was determined to get to Switzerland, and my courageous and spirited friend agreed! So we boarded the train with photocopies of our passports,  (When traveling overseas I always bring a photocopy of my passport just in case.) and a police report, we had no issues getting to Geneva. Except…

We arrived in Geneva after midnight. Unbeknown to us, we had missed our original stop that would’ve had us arrive in Geneva by 6pm! Instead we ended up taking an accidental long ride to Interlaken, Switzerland, it was one of the most beautiful train rides I had ever taken! But when the train conductor said last stop,  I looked out the window I knew we were lost! Fortunately we were able to get the next train heading back to Geneva that night. By sheer luck we caught the last bus from the station in Geneva and finally to Veryrier. Veryrier is a small town surrounded by mountains with cobblestones streets, and little cars. There’s a bakery and a butcher, lunch is two hours long, and Mondays start at noon. Everyone knows your name, the villagers knew me as Eddie’s daughter. My father was well loved for his musical talents! My greatest surprise was when Kira, my father’s wife, gave me my father’s Gibson Les Paul guitar. The same guitar whose neck I broke as a small child! Though I don’t play guitar, I was thrilled to take it! I knew it would be cherished and put to good use! Over the next few days of my visit, Kira and her new love Kheri, played music with me. I’ll never forget the night Kira played “Lies” I couldn’t help but cry… it was so beautiful! Both Kira and Kheri encouraged me to sing, and to continue to sing once I got back home. I was new to signing and was just beginning to rediscover my voice after many years of not using it. Our trip was over; it was time to head home. A new world of music was just about to be opened up! With the help of my good friend, we schlepped that guitar on the train through Europe to the airport in Germany where we flew home.

Back in the states I pursued music, formed a band, and was singing regularly. I enjoyed showing off my dad’s guitar to friends, but sadly that was all I could do. I wanted someone who could play it, someone to make music with… Many musicians tried, but they wanted to tinker with it, which I wouldn’t allow! One player wanted to take a wrench to it before I snatched it back from him! Then came Tim Sparks, who is now my husband and band mate. He plays the guitar so beautifully. Like magic it all came together, the glass slipper, or rather guitar fit perfectly. Instead of ashes I came home from Veryeier with the gift of music. I am forever grateful. It is with pride and joy to release “Lies”, from our new album, “In The Belly Of The Beast”.

Please visit our Kickstarter page and make a pledge to help us print our album, "In The Belly Of The Beast".  Every dollar counts! If we make our goal everyone, no matter your pledge, you will get a copy of the album, even if all you can give is a $1! We just need to make our goal, and with a thousand printed CDs we'll have plenty to spread around! We want to spread this music. Thank you for your support! 

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