Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lies, by Edmund James Wood, and Kira Whitewood

My father passed away in the spring of 2002. After a very long period of not speaking to him, 17 years to be exact. I decided to look him up. I also decided to look up my sister, who I had only met once as a baby. I found my sister first, and together we found our father, Edmund James Wood, living in a little town outside of Geneva, Switzerland. In the spring of 2000 my sister, and I, took a journey over the atlantic ocean to see him. That visit profoundly changed my life. I am thankful for the opportunity to heal... to love... to forgive... to be forgiven. Being reunited with my father was miracle I never imagined could happen.

After he died I took another journey back to Switzerland with a very dear friend to retrieve his ashes. Thanks to his amazing and talented wife Kira, I came home with this song, and my father's vintage Les Paul guitar. Leaving his ashes in his garden behind, I came home with a gift of music...

The photos in this video were taken by myself, Darcy Anderson-Abbott, and the wonderful Bumpy Chimes. Lies, was recored live at Iguanas Ranas in downtown Middletown, by Michael Arafeh, of The Coffeehouse Recording Studio.

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