Monday, August 8, 2011

VOICE of the CITY on WESU 88.1FM, Special guest Poet C.C. Arshagra, Professor John Shafer of MXCC

Last week on VOICE of the CITY, Broad Street Books Poet of the Month, C.C. Arshagra, and Professor John Shafer of Middlesex Community College talking with J-Cherry about the Connecticut Ballet and other arts and cultural events at MXCC. J-Cherry and the Strawberries live in the house with Tim Sparks and his original music, poet Sympetlous with his words.... J-Cherry sings and recites original music and poetry

It's live and local arts and culture! Listen to the recorded show online here:

Poet C.C. Arshagra

"The beginning of every high point in my life is the most wonderful ending that the coming of tomorrow could bring." The Fool I Am --C.C. Arshagra. 
To hear some of C.C. Arshagra's work visit the link:


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