Friday, February 18, 2011

HannaH's Field live with J-Cherry on WESU 88.1FM

     "HannaH’s Field is growing good vibes.  This gypsy reggae duo, fronted by female vocalist, guitarist and percussionist, HannaH, created their unique style when the two came together living in Portland, Oregon.  HannaH and her sidekick, Bongo Bliss, the gypsy Rasta that plays bass, African drums and sings(often all at the same time), are spreading their modern-hippie-Rasta-folk all over the country. 
   Their new release "Music Magic Medicine" is accompanied by a vegetarian/vegan cookbook written by Chef Bliss who is a Nutritional Healer and former owner of the restaraunt "Fabadesiac".  The food we ingest is the medicine that heals our bodies.  The music we listen to is the magic that heals our spirits. 
“HannaH goes a cappella to showcase her award winning voice, evoking of a blending of Joan Baez and Grace Slick or a somewhat subdued Janis.”
“HannaH*s Field’s latest recording,  is a ‘gypsy reggae’ homage to the optimist in us all, carrying the torch of the free love generation into a new era.”
-Trevor Dye Review"

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